and the quote...

"Take responsibility for the energy you bring into this space."

Give me a fabulous idea!


I'm officially a Mrs.

It's been so long!  Not sure if anyone is even out there anymore.  Just in case, I had to share.....

Tig & I got married!

Yup, we got hitched.

It took 10 years and two kids, but we finally did it.

It was really one of the happiest days of my life.

We married in the most beautiful little church.
With some of our favorite people.

I carried a bouquet of my favorite flower. 

We shared cupcakes

and kisses!!

So now that the title is official, I guess I can go ahead and change what I wrote here about throwing in the title.


I still like to play pretend.

If I were really a SUPERwoman....

my super ability would be to run on NO SLEEP.

Yup, I said it, NO SLEEP! Don't get me wrong, there is almost nothing I love more than slipping into my warm, comfy made bed after a long, eventful day. Better yet, afternoon naps. I used to love me a nap, back when I was still able to take them. You know, those stolen moments after a bath when you're still wrapped in a damp towel; throw in a warm summer day, an open window, and a cool breeze...ahhhh, bliss (loved those kinds of naps. ok, maybe not so much being wrapped in a damp towel, but I'm sure you get my drift.) Back to my case in point, there is just not enough time in the day for me to get everything I need to get done accomplished. Can you imagine how much one person could accomplish in a day if they could run on no sleep?! I get excited just thinking about it!

Then, up until a few days ago my desire for a NO SLEEP super ability got swapped out for the ability to zap my son into utter silence and complete stillness with the shot of a stare. This being the direct result of a fifteen-hour car drive with two kids under the age of 7; broken up into two days of course.

And yet again, the super zap strength of a stare super ability was replaced. After watching Oprah's last show ever (teardrop, I know). My super ability morphed into an ability strong enough to sense and identify the type of energy people poses when in my presence, either in direct relation to the energy I am generating, or simply toward me. I am curious, more often than not, not so much what people think of me but instead, what they feel when they are around me. I would love to know what they feel when they read about something I’ve done, hear something I say, read something I write, blog, tweet, etc. Does the energy I encompass make others feel happy, at peace, and motivated or annoyed, indifferent, or envious. Hhmmm, I’m left to wonder.

Quote I heard on O,

"Be responsible for the energy you are bringing into my space."

Love it so much, it's getting printed, framed, and placed somewhere in my home. You can keep your bad energy at the door, right next to your shoes {wink, wink.}

On a side note, I'm so happy to back! I've missed you my little blog. And, isn't this ABC Superheroes Art Print adorable and perfectly in theme with this post?!

Perfect enough to hang in a growing superhero's room.





We create mental lists and add to them daily. The things we’d change about our lives if we could, though there are so many things in this LIFE to be grateful for. We are surrounded by beauty. People and things perfectly placed around us to make us smile, if we only allow them the opportunity. I WISH I could sew a quilt. I’d make it out of warm moments, interesting people, special places and all things beautiful. I’d go on to weave in dreams, intricately stitching in the details of each. And when I’m done, I’ll wrap myself in it. Create a fortress like the ones we all made as kids, using two chairs and a blanket and hide away beneath it. LIFE. I wish I could eat and savor each bite of it. I wish I could drink it and feel it run through me. LIFE is a gift! So, this weekend go out and enjoy it! Taste it. Savor each moment, then go home and wrap yourself in it. Be bright. Be beautiful. Laugh hard and often.


Update - The In Betweens

I don't carry my camera around half of as much as I'd like. It's just one more thing for me to forget remember. This has posed as quite a problem, considering I set out to document my attempts in curing this malady of the in-betweens! Believe me when I tell you, that I have indeed, been partaking in activities that are definitely helping to ease away these blues.

Here is my best attempt of recording my progress {via my camera phone}:

Last week was just beautiful! Chicago was flaunting Spring in our faces with a sunny sky, warm temps and soft breeze, than being the rude witch she is, she hit us with cooler temps, rain and even snow later on in the week. YES, snow! So much for it being the first week of Spring. So, as we attempted to enjoy the fine days thrown our way, we spent one of them with a trip to the park and then moseyed on over for lunch at a local hipster joint to enjoy us a delish meal.

The Peach and her best bud, Maximus the Brave.

They are absolute darlings, always so well behaved {don't we wish!}.


us mommas, we each had a beer. We are allowed, aren't we ?!

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