Update - The In Betweens

I don't carry my camera around half of as much as I'd like. It's just one more thing for me to forget remember. This has posed as quite a problem, considering I set out to document my attempts in curing this malady of the in-betweens! Believe me when I tell you, that I have indeed, been partaking in activities that are definitely helping to ease away these blues.

Here is my best attempt of recording my progress {via my camera phone}:

Last week was just beautiful! Chicago was flaunting Spring in our faces with a sunny sky, warm temps and soft breeze, than being the rude witch she is, she hit us with cooler temps, rain and even snow later on in the week. YES, snow! So much for it being the first week of Spring. So, as we attempted to enjoy the fine days thrown our way, we spent one of them with a trip to the park and then moseyed on over for lunch at a local hipster joint to enjoy us a delish meal.

The Peach and her best bud, Maximus the Brave.

They are absolute darlings, always so well behaved {don't we wish!}.


us mommas, we each had a beer. We are allowed, aren't we ?!

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