We create mental lists and add to them daily. The things we’d change about our lives if we could, though there are so many things in this LIFE to be grateful for. We are surrounded by beauty. People and things perfectly placed around us to make us smile, if we only allow them the opportunity. I WISH I could sew a quilt. I’d make it out of warm moments, interesting people, special places and all things beautiful. I’d go on to weave in dreams, intricately stitching in the details of each. And when I’m done, I’ll wrap myself in it. Create a fortress like the ones we all made as kids, using two chairs and a blanket and hide away beneath it. LIFE. I wish I could eat and savor each bite of it. I wish I could drink it and feel it run through me. LIFE is a gift! So, this weekend go out and enjoy it! Taste it. Savor each moment, then go home and wrap yourself in it. Be bright. Be beautiful. Laugh hard and often.

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