Every now and then I become obsessed with a color scheme and find the need to incorporate it somewhere in my life. My current obsession may come as no surprise, and can be easily traced back to yesterday's post.
Current obsession reveled...

Fuchsia and Yellow.
Honeysuckle and Beeswax.

Elle Decor

Pops of color combined with a neutral palette, equals just the right dose of happiness. Don't you think?

Elle Decor

Clean and classic with a touch of whimsy. Sophisticated yet fun!

Living Etc.

I have an idea as to where and how I'd like to incorporate this color scheme. The problem with such an obsession, what will I do when an new one arises and this one whithers away?


  1. These are places I would live, if I were single or with another woman. The idea of sharing the beauty with a man or children is inconceivable!


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