Cheers to New Regimens!

One of my goal's for 2011, is to read at least 6 books. I know six doesn't seem like many, and I wish I could proudly gloat that I read at least a book a month, but in all reality, I barely have time to read a page a night. I LOVE curling up in bed, my feet jammed nestled, warmly in-between Tig's, enjoying a great read. Unfortunately, this is not the case at all. Most nights, by the time my head hits my pillow, I'm already well into my first dream. This is all going to change. I am all about new regimens this year. Scheduling an earlier bedtime not only means time to read before bed, but also getting an earlier start to my day and squeezing in a good morning workout before everyone else gets up. Cheers to that, wouldn't you say?!

So, I have a few books on the list, but I'm taking suggestions. So please, please....share!

Happy HUMP Day!

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  1. It does seem like a lot! Especially for a blogger ;)


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