summer wish list begins HERE!

Chicago weather can be quite erratic though I must say it has been surprisingly nice this past week, rather a little HOT for my liking, but nonetheless nice. I'm thinking we are just about in the clear...Can we say summer may very well be here?! With this being said I have been slowly adding items to my summer wish list, all of which include these thick grey and orange oversized oval-framed sunglasses by Tom Ford. They're a little pricey so a pair of knock-offs may have to do.

Personalized pendant necklaces. One personalized with Mr. Tig's initial and the other two with my children's. Varying in lengths from 14'-18'

This airy sky blue scarf to be worn with the perfect tank

This organic cotton pin-tuck duvet cover

This large canvas. It's kaleidoscope of vibrant colors would look just great in my living room.

These woven rattan garden lights for my deck

This Stuart Weitzman Espadrille wedge sandal

Still want this Michael Kors oversized white watch!

BUT I'm kind of thinking I like this one more!

I'm sure I'll find more items to add to the list in no time. It's always fun to list out the things you want. Actually, did you know you are more likely to acquire the items you keep on a list rather than not? Yup! It's true according to "O." If I'm lucky maybe my honey will read this here blog post and buy me something off "the list" for my birthday which is only a couple weeks away. wink...wink.


  1. I absolutely love the Michael Kors watches! They're so going on my wish list as well.

  2. Aaah! I just took notice of the comment you left. My apologies. Aren't they great!! Still waiting on mine ;)

  3. OMG love how you have the piece of artwork in your home now!! Love it


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