Coffee & Tea

There is something to be said about the comfort one feels when sipping on a cup of something warm. I'm not quite sure if it's the coffee, tea or even sometimes the hot chocolate that brings me such comfort or if it is simply the warmth of the cup in the palms of my hands that has me hooked. I must say that I sure do love my coffee and there is nothing like a cup of hot tea with a tad bit of lemon and sugar.

Since the birth of my little peach, the matriarchs of my family gather together almost daily for afternoon coffee and tea and it has become a known fact that I ONLY like to drink out of pretty cups! Please do not think of handing me just any ol' cup to drink my coffee and tea out of and expect me to not secretly cringe. So in honor of my latest obsession for drinking out of pretty things I found some pretty lovely cups at Anthropology that I wouldn't much mind drinking out of...

Just how pretty is this one?!

And take a look inside!

And this one

And wait, this pretty blue one is cute too!

And then of course, you have their signature monogrammed cups that you can always find in-store.

Actually, now that I've finished this post, I'm thinking I just may buy one for each of the women in my life with whom I share this daily ritual with.

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