"The In-Betweens" {Part II}

The Balancing Act.

It's a daily struggle, balancing the duties of being a wife, a momma, and a professional. I feel like I'm constantly being pulled in a million different directions. Something or someone always needs tending to. I'm still trying to figure out how I can take care of everyone and everything while pursuing and tending to my own desires. I try and keep to a tight schedule during the week, sometimes steering off course to take the lovie out on a playdate or to do a little shopping but come three o'clock when my little guy gets home, we get serious, real serious. You see, when he gets home from school, there is a snack to be prepared, homework to be completed, dinner to be made, baths to be given, stories to be read and songs to be sung. Tig, almost always makes it home in time for dinner but the nights he doesn’t, {I hate how much he works} I’m left to complete all these tasks on my own. This can prove not so nice when you throw a couple of tired, whiny, and uncooperative little participants into the mix. Case in point, I’m left with little time for myself. Finding “me time” always proves the hardest considering everyone else's needs seem to exceed those of my own. How the heck do women with larger families do it? Better yet, why?! {I'm kidding, kind of.} Now, throw in work, the {slow} start-up of a business, daily workouts, time to get pretty, a reading list, and a blog. Ummm, why didn’t god construct me like an octopus?!? Life could be so much easier.


  1. Ah yes, the elusive work/life balance. SIGH

  2. Yes, sometimes I wonder if there really is such a thing.


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