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At the end of each year I usually create a “hit list” for the upcoming one, but for the past two years I have decided to, along with the annual hit list, create a list of the things I am most grateful for. Here is my “grateful” list for 2010.

Hit List 2011
Things of 2010 to be Grateful for…

{1} Our health, our families, and the constant love and support we receive from them!
{2} Our beautiful son graduated Kindergarten and started the 1st grade. He is well on his way to becoming a big boy!
{3} Our lovely little peach celebrated her 1st birthday!
{4} I started this little blog and am quite happy that I did!
{5} I embarked on a new journey that I cannot wait to share in 2011!
{6} Mr. Tig got a great promotion!
{7} For the time I’ve been fortunate enough to dedicate to my family.
{8} Our apartment! It’s come a long way! Still many projects to complete but I love the direction it’s headed!
{9} My new sewing machine! Can’t wait to start using it & sharing my projects!
{10} My great attempts to get back into shape! 2011 I’m coming at you with much gusto!!

Happy New Year to All!

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