So discrete, can't help but love.

I spent the better half of this weekend reorganizing and rearranging my home, and do you know the one thing I have come to realize that I truly despise.....outlets! They are such eye sores and always seem to be in the most obvious of places. I often find myself cringing at them as I try to hide them behind pieces of furniture or plants. Sometimes though, there is just nothing I can do to hide the darn things! I don't know how many times (more times than I can actually count) I wished I could somehow fit these
Forbes & Lomax outlet covers and backplates into my budget. These are genius! Especially, for those of us that are neurotically detailed-oriented {cough,cough..wink,wink} like myself. These, feature a clear acrylic backplate which allow the wallpaper or painted wall to show through! They are so subtle they are perfect!

1 comment:

  1. Only you would find the negative in a 2'x 2' space and turn into art. love you. kisses- chic nomad.


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