A Summer Thornton Design

I want my bedroom to look just like this...

I love everything about this space. The large windows. The killer view. The neutral palette. The damask wallpaper. The ottoman at the foot of the bed. The shag area rug. The mirrored nightstand. The velvet couch. The dark wooden floors. The dramatic drapery. The crown molding. The beautiful chandelier. That bed and that bedding.

I want it all!

Enough said!

Images courtesy of
Summer Thornton Design


  1. LOVE that space. So clean and modern.

  2. I thought i was over wallpaper, but then all these chic and modern pieces are coming out by high fashioned designers taking a leap into inter design and I am LOVING them. good pic roweenna. love it. plus the smooth colors puts my mind in a zen and cool flow of emotion, every sleeping space should have that. kisses- chic nomad

  3. It definitely is a great space. Thanks for the comments ladies. Cheers!

  4. This is an amazingly chic and serene space, I could definitely enjoy spending time here! Janell

  5. It sure is Janell! I can also not go without saying, how much I absolutely love your work and your blog, always so inspiring.


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