Last night I was inspired by Dear Baby Blog to write a letter to my old self. The self that was about to birth a son. The self that hadn't the slightest clue that she’d one day become a mother for a second time to a baby girl. This letter, as was the lovely Melissa’s, was inspired by a video uploaded on Indiana’s baby blog. It was a compilation of mothers holding up signs of advice they would tell themselves if they could go back just before they embarked on the journey of motherhood.

To My Dearest Self,

In time you will experience a life much different than the one you currently live. Your trade-in of heels for flats will last a little longer than expected. Your breasts will double in size and make your small frame look awkward and disproportionate. You’ll opt-out of manicures and make sure to always keep your nails short. Getting ready to go anywhere will become strategic plans. Your new favorite hairstyle will be the ponytail.

You will no longer savor and enjoy your meals but instead learn to devour them. Your days will grow longer and your nights shorter. Your weekends will somehow turn into longer weekdays. You can forget about driving with your windows rolled all the way down and singing along to your favorite jams at your radio’s highest capacity. You will be tested and tried day in and day out and your patience will reach new limits. You will drive with caution. Be wary of people’s intentions. You will feel guilty for raising them in a world that can be so twisted.

All of this my dear friend will be worth it. You now have something to live for, a new found motivation. You will experience a love like no other. Spend nights dumbfounded by the beauty of the little beings you created. You will smile your biggest smiles. Laugh harder than you have ever laughed and be prouder than you could ever imagine.

You my dear friend will become a bionacle woman. You will not be defeated by the tasks presented to you and will learn the balancing act quite well. You will become stronger than you ever fathomed. You will transform into one of the lioness' you see on the animal channel, ready to roar away lurking predators. You will take pride in the mother you will become. You will be great at it. You will not always know the right answers but you’ll definitely figure them out. Nothing you do will ever be this important. Learn to surrender and get ready for you are about to embark on the greatest journey of your life.
Take time to enjoy it!

I love you.

Your Present Self

I'd love to hear what you think, especially all you mothers! What would you tell yourself knowing what you know now about motherhood?

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