Someone took my sunshine away but I think I found a little of it today!

Ever feel like throwing your hands up to the sky and yelling," To hell with it!" Well that's a little of what I've been feeling for the past few weeks now. Blame it on the current monotony of my life, this crazy Chicago weather, the ever-developing projects that occupy my mind; be it whatever it may, this feeling has been hard to shake until today! After a long day at work yesterday {a beautiful event that’ll I’ll be sure to post about later this week} I decided to head out to the Randolph Street Market and spend some much needed and well deserved time away from the kids and also some quality time with my mother hunting for fabulous finds.

This weekend was the last of the year for this large Chicago flea market. Vendors gather from near and far to sell collections of antiques, vintage jewelry, clothing, furniture, artwork and more. A coffee, blueberry muffin and mimosa later I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Alaina of Live Creating Yourself who also happens to be the Managing Editor of the new and fabulous Rue {please note the “Do you Rue?” button on the sidebar.} She was uber sweet and I was ecstatic to say the least. I have been following her blog since I joined this world of blogging back in February and I absolutely adore her. I can’t imagine there are many that don't already know of this beautiful girl but if you don’t please show her some love and stop at her blog, her etsy shop LCY graphics and at ruemag.com. You're bound to fall for something!

{This is a horrible picture. I look 15 lbs. over-weight. It was windy and cold and I was reluctant to post it but what the heck, it's with Alaina and she came out great!}

I love the hunt!

And, took to the hunting grounds instantly.

My mother purchased this great conversation piece, a magnifying lamp.

And these antlers, that'd be my purchase.

Now to find a home in my home for them, shouldn't be too difficult

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