Fab Finds always a click away.

So I got a little "clicker happy!" You know "clicker happy," when you just click away at your mouse, moving from one web page to the next and before you know it you end up somewhere surprisingly nice. Did I lose you?! Well I got "clicker happy" and I came across some surprisingly fabulous things at Urban Outfitters.
Now I remember being in high school and visiting the Urban Outfitters on Rush Street and thinking I was such a trend-setter for shopping there when so many of my friends did not, and as much as I still enjoy the store, I'd like to think my taste in clothing has somewhat evolved . I still visit the store often but not often enough to know that they actually sell some pretty fab home decor. Just take a look for yourself.

Corner Bloom Ruffle Duvet in dusty rose.

Antoinette Fainting Sofa in Carribean.

UO Lux Leather Butterfly Chair.

Metal Accordian Side Table.

I want this for my entryway. Classic Coat Rack in gray.

The owl umbrella stand we are all so familiar with.

I love, love this. Flokati Rug.

For all you jet-setters out there, a scratch-off map. To keep track of your travels

The Ram Trophy wall sculpture.
Really couldn't decide between this here ram, the deer, or the gazelle.

What do you think?

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