Coming full Circle

Seen as Julianne Moore's West Village townhouse was featured in the late Domino and has already been blogged about, you may find yourself asking why I have decided to blog about it now? Well as any and many of you Nate Berkus fans might already know, she was a guest on the designer's show yesterday and as great as I think her townhouse is, that is not the reason for this post. I am much more interested in the Isamu Noguchi Paper Lanterns. You see yesterday morning I sat down for my daily ritual of coffee and blogs. Me, my desktop and coffee caught up with my daily reads, one of which includes Ms. Emily A. Clark. She blogged some bright ideas on alternative powder room lighting and the topic of lighting conversion kits arose. Well it also so happens that I purchased a Noguchi inspired paper lantern from Ikea last week. My intentions were to hang it in my hallway but I became discouraged once I realized I really didn't know how and was ready to return it until yesterday's show and Emily's blog post. To make a somewhat long story short, I think I'm going to take my pretty lil' behind to Home Depot to buy one of those conversion kits and I'm going to go ahead and try to hang my Isamu Noguchi inspired lantern. I mean they are quite nice and the stripes in my hallway deserve some much prettier lighting than the current fixture is providing them.

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  1. Love those lamps. Let us know how it turns out!


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