There are some mornings when I just cannot wake up early enough. With every desperate attempt I make to move through the house going unnoticed and unheard, it never seems to fail, little feet follow. I'm stealing a moment of time to write this here post. With the princess peach at my side, entertaining herself in her exersaucer, and my little bolt of energy not far behind, I sit here. It's mornings like these when I wake up at the crack of dawn, coffee brewed and ready to drink, computer on, blog 'new post page' open and then it happens! Mr. energy and Little Miss Princess Peach decide it would be fun to wake up and join me! Oh the joys of being a mother! I love my children dearly, no love compares but sometimes, just sometimes, I cannot help but think of beautiful places and relaxing spaces.

I want to wake up here.

Drink my coffee here.


Slip a bikini on and read a book here.

With this quaint little room waiting for me near.


  1. Those are some beautiful spaces! I can't get up early EVER. My son sleeps till 7:30-8, thankfully!

  2. Lucky you! My little guy can wake-up as early as 5:30am on Saturdays ;)


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