A lost tooth...

I swore I heard the fluttering of fairy wings in my house this past weekend. I think she may have forgotten where to go or was confused as to why she was fishing out a small boy's tooth from a bathroom pipe instead of squeezing herself in between the plushness of his pillow and mattress. Maybe it was because my wonderful son accidentally dropped his tooth in the sink yesterday. Naturally he was worried the tooth fairy would be a no-show. No tooth, no tooth fairy, no money! So what would any parent do in this situation?! That's right, first we (by we I mean Mr. Tig) turned the water off, unscrewed the sink pipes and tried to find if the darn thing was somewhere, anywhere in-between the top of the pipe and bottom of it but we had no such luck. So we made a secondary decision and wrote little Ms. Tooth fairy a note explaining our dilemma and do you know what she did? She went and left a small monetary treat for my son under the bathroom sink! Yup that tooth fairy, she has quite a sense of humor! That would explain the fluttering I heard last night. Poor thing she was probably struggling to get that tooth out of the sink. She must really believe in not leaving a child's house without a tooth in hand. So my son and I got to some thinking early this morning and thought up how we could possibly make her trip to and from our home easier. And well how did I not think of this before baffles me....a door! But of course, a door! So naturally I went onto etsy to find a door for our fairy friend and this is what I found...

and this one

and this one

and then I found that you can have a fairy door customized to your liking here and you can choose the style and color of your door so that it looks something like this

or this

and it even comes with a tiny key AND fairy dust!


And here is my excited little boy.

(please excuse the glare of the sun)

The idea of a little woman with the smallest of wings walking through a tiny door out of her world and into ours is so sweet. I love the whimsy and so did my son! So now to buy the the door or to make it? Oh how much fun would it be to make one with him! Definitely on our to do list for the summer!!


  1. I enjoyed reading this blog :)

  2. Thanks Melissa! I'm really enjoying keeping up with it.


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