DIY Project

So for months now I have been planning on making a canopy to hang over my princess peach's crib but I recently opted to go a slightly different route. I really wanted something different and was inspired by a photo I came across in a children's catalog.

So with my inspiration in hand I headed to the nearest Michael's in search for supplies!!

And here are all the supplies I scooped up!

(I've assured myself I'll get better at photo styling...sometime in the near future)

The project didn't take long at all though it took me months to decide what exactly I was going to do above/around her crib.

The end result!

I'm aware that most people aren't the biggest fans of wall decals but c'mon the most appropriate place for them are in kid's rooms and how cute is this one?! I couldn't resist. It tied in so perfectly to the theme of her bedding. As did the wreath/nest/canopy I made!

She may not be able to say it but I'm pretty sure my princess peach is enjoying the addition to her room. Actually I think she loves it and so does her momma!

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