Dear Stephen,

I hope you have fun in High School. I had fun being in school with you since kindergarten. Continue to be the person you are and don't let anyone bring you down. It's ok to like country music.


And so went the message {or at least something close to that} I wrote in Stephen's autograph book a couple days before our eighth grade graduation.

It killed me to hear so many of our classmates poke fun at him because he openly expressed his love for country music. I always thought, "Who the hell cares what kind of music he or anyone else listens to! Get over it!"

Till this day I have little patience for ignorance and malice. Even at thirteen, I felt it extremely important that I express to him just how I felt. I really wanted him to know that he was "cool" regardless of what others said to or about him.

This reflection---this sharing of a bit of my past, was inspired by last night's CMA Awards. I thought of Stephen for a brief moment.

As I posted here, I'm a little bit country. This fact, is one that quite possibly only my mother and Mr. Tig know. Though, I am not a truehearted listener of country music, I do have some favorites. I love cowboy hats and cowboy boots and wish I could rock them. I believe I can pull off the cowboy boots quite well, but I'm not so sure about the hat. And just how lovely is Tim McGraw?! Mr. Tig cringes at how I swoon over the man, but boy does he have him some swag. I mean c'mon Mr. Tig, I'll never be Halle Berry, so I guess that makes us pretty even. Don't you think?!
With all that being said, I dedicate today to music, to you, & all the stephens out there.
A popular country tune for ya'll...


Image: flickr


  1. Country is definitely not for me but I certainly don't judge those who like it :) I totally see the appeal :)

  2. Jill,
    I never was one for country either but there is something about fall that really does it for me. My mother jokes it's the Indian in me {My father is Native American Indian}, go figure ;)

  3. I love country music so much. It just feels so real to me. Miranda Lambert isn't my favorite, but the song you posted is one of my all time favorites.


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