I've been "stuck" in a funk for a few weeks now and am having a hard time shaking it off. This morning I had somewhat of a revelation though. "I am much stronger than this! I can totally beat this!" When this little voice called wisdom so rudely slapped me in the face with these words of encouragement I quickly texted them to Mr. Tig. He so beautifully responded, " Yes you are my love." With love and support like that who could possibly wallow in their own misery. I'm pulling up on my boot straps and getting to work! As I work towards shaking these blues I will be making it a point to immerse myself in the things that make me most happy, writing, laughing & falling lost in contemplation. So now I ask you, when life's got you all twisted inside out, what do you do to straighten yourself back out?

Images:High-heeled Momma,Vi.Sualize

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