Ladies, let's talk Smudge Pots

Let's start with, what is a smudge pot?
A gel eyeliner and shadow combo that is soft and pliable. An alternative to eyeliner.

Why I'm blogging about them?
They take the prize for achieving sexy eyes, and I think every woman should carry one in her make-up bag!

Late last week I put the princess peach in her Baby Bjorn, grabbed Mr. Energy by the hand and we headed downtown in search of a little mommy gratification and a smudge pot (actually, the smudge pot was only one among a many other items I was in search of.) So naturally I headed here first...

And I tried on just about every smudge pot produced, by every line Sephora carries, in I don't remember how many different shades.

Many of the pots I tried on would be great to wear on a night out on the town but I was looking for something a little more versatile. Something I can wear on the playground that screams, "That momma has got it going on" well maybe not all that but I definitely want to look pulled together and not like I spent a whole lot of time putting my face on either.

So here is a quick recap on what I tried:

Jet set waterproof liner.

Kind of like bare minerals, in that you have to add a little water to the tip of your brush and then apply. Too thick, not what I was looking for, remember I said smudge pot!

Smashbox Cream Eyeliner.

Definitely a smudge pot. Creamer. Came in the shade I was searching for but with much too much shimmer for daytime wear.

Laura Mercier Eyeliner.

This was too thick. Like the bare minerals and Smashbox's Jet Set, must be applied with a little water.

I also tried on pots by Benefit, Shiseido, Shu Uemura and Stila...

Stila Smudge Pot.

but not what I was looking for either. I'm extremely particular might I add, and I could not find a shade that pleased me quite enough.

Until I tried this one...

Sephora Collection Waterproof.

by Sephora, go figure. It was by far my favorite! Also, the cheaper of the bunch but not the reason I bought it. It was extremely pliable, came in a shade I loved, and it looked great on. Btw, "shout out" to Mr. Energy who was such a sport and followed me around the store with the make-up remover bottle and cotton pads. I love that kid!

I didn't buy it in cafe or black (remember I said kiddies, playground, daytime) Can you guess what shade?

And, if you don't already own one, or two, I suggest you go out and find your fav!

-High-heeled Momma

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