I'm so SMITTEN right now

Yes, I am SMITTEN! Mr. Tig and I have officially set a date and have begun discussing the details of our wedding. I am ecstatic to say the least! My mind is racing a hundred miles a minute. I can't seem to organize my thoughts. Darn it, and I do this for a living! You see I've planned and re-planned and re-planned and then re-planned some more, this day; over and over again in the nine years we've been together. Our lives, like the lives of so many, is always bustling. Come to think of it, seems like it always has been. If we weren't working on something, toward something, or trying to get somewhere, we were moving in or moving out of a place, raising babies, paying bills, meeting deadlines, taking care of obligations. But 2011 marks our tenth year together and so we figured how appropriate a year to finally wed. I have so many ideas and cannot wait to share!

Have a beautiful weekend!!

photo by Daeja Fallas


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