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I don't know but nurseries just aren't what they use to be........oh no, they are so much better! They are modern, bright, bold, full of color, style and character. I love them! I have been in search of a little inspiration lately. 1. for the princess peach's nursery; it's pretty much done but I feel like it's missing something and 2. for a special little someone in our lives, Maximus the Brave . So in my search for some good ol' inspiration I came across some pretty darn great rooms.

I am really digging the variations in size, textures and patterns of this alphabet.

Love the contrast of the orange rocker with the zebra print rug.

And how great is this Robert Abbey light fixture?!

A yellow striped ceiling...love it!


And how does this room make for a bold and dramatic nursery?!

And this nursery was by far my favorite of all!
Just look at how nicely the hallway's vertical stripes lead you into this tiny person's space.

Love, love the gray stripes on the walls and the orange and turquoise accents throughout add just enough pop to brighten up the room.

There are just so many elements throughout the room that I absolutely love. The roller blinds look great I just wish I could get a close-up of the fabric. The natural woven rug really warms up the space and who would have thought that a gray velvet ottoman would fit so perfectly in the room?!

How was that for a little inspiration? I don't know about you but it makes me want to go and makeover some nurseries.


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  1. I didn't realize how devoted you are to striped walls lol


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